The REVA E-Bike

45 MPH and Quality UF Engineering


E-bikes are on the rise in China and Europe, where over 20 million bikes were sold in 2017. However, the U.S. only saw a little over 200,000 e-bikes sold. In this time of hyper awareness of one’s own contribution to the environment, people are looking for affordable, greener methods of traveling.

Juan Ehringer, an engineering student at the University of Florida,  saw that the e-bike market did not have the caliber of bike he wanted.  So, he decided to build his own e-bike. A bike he felt met his standards of what an e-bike should be.

Alongside Juan is the University of Florida’s Social Labs class. Social Labs is an advertising campaigns course taught by Bienvenido  (“Benny”) Torres. Torres also started an experimental group called Studio 2058 (in Weimer 2058). The space is used for Social Labs to create, build, and work on any projects they want. Some projects currently being worked on: promoting collegiate connection through the Nintendo Switch and raising awareness for voting via guerrilla marketing.


Within Social Labs and 2058, a group of UF advertising students came together to form a mini agency to help Juan launch an Indiegogo campaign and promote REVA. Leading the team is senior student Brooklyn Carey. She took on the role as project manager along with helping create content for social media, building the REVA landing page, and a little of everything else. Among Brooklyn is Anthony Davila (designer and brand manager); Robert Lanza and David Chan (production team); Sita Dasi (strategist and account manager); Zach Kampf (research and strategist); and Sally Hepler (strategist).


The Indiegogo page will go live on November 15 of this year.

Some information about why the REVA bike is electrifying people’s rides. The REVA e-bike is like no other. Both a city commuter and adrenaline junkie could utilize the REVA bike. REVA has a street-mode setting that stops the bike from going above 28 mph, complying with Florida State law. However, with a top speed of 45 mph, the REVA bike is also perfect for mountain biking and adventures in the woods.

REVA has the most powerful, most efficient controller, with updates that will allow for added features down the road. The battery, a 70V Samsung battery pack, is of high quality and allows for high power output and range while keeping weight at a minimum. Additionally, the battery allows for fast charge times. Another unique feature is its two-speed planetary crankset. This allows the user to switch switch between gears quickly and effortlessly by simply tapping heel against shifter on crank.

The beauty of this project is the collaboration of two very different colleges within UF, who are working together to elevate what it means to be a Gator.

Juan Ehringer