Our obsession is delivering the electric bike of the future: now.

Expecting success on the first try is not our path to technology crafted beautifully. We expect failure in order to not make one of a kind but several of its kind. From trial one to trial seventy, we chose to push for more and strive for more. REVA is not about success on the first try, REVA is about endurance and power. Endurance when parts fall apart and funds run low. Power utilized in technology we believe in and trust in. The scrapes and bruises on our bodies represent our will to always learn from our failures. We didn’t just throw some parts together and call it a day. Every part has been engineered to perfection. REVA is the electric bike that is powerful enough to keep up with you.


Raw Electric Power

Industry-leading battery range up to 100 miles

Recharges faster than an episode of The Office

200mm front + rear air suspension travel

6.0 kW of Instantaneous Power

50 MPH Top Speed

Regenerative Braking - Traction Control - Advanced Security

Designed & Built in Sunny Gainesville, FL USA


The Bike that Keeps Up With You, REVA